Exporter of Talc Powder in India

Supplier, Manufacturer, Exporter of Talc Lumps Indonesia, Thailand
Manufacturer of Talc Powder in India
October 20, 2018

Exporter of Talc Powder in India

Supplier, Manufacturer, Exporter of Talc Powder Indonesia, Thailand

Excellent Range of Talc Powder

Pratibha Refractory Minerals is the best supplier of 100% Natural Talc Powder. We offer smooth, slippery and soapy talc powder with white color, dull, pearly and greasy luster. There are various applications of Talc powder in paper, paint, plastic, rubber, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, ceramics, dentifrices, electrical components, adhesives, agriculture and so on.

Our offered product Talc powder is available with 80% whiteness, 78 to 97% brightness and durable, waterproof, antiseptic, non-toxicity, high bonding strength, odorless features. We are manufacturing more than 20,000 Metric ton. We are well known brand known for our highest quality products. We are satisfying our customers by providing best quality products as they need.

Pratibha Refractory Minerals is situated in India supplying high grade Talc Powder to the whole world that is used in various industries. We provide various ranges of product grades for various manufacturing industries. We mainly focus on the quality and prices of products, our services for customers and the performance of products. Our provided talc powder can be available in pure white color, excellent brightness and features.

Talc powder mesh size is available from 300 to 1200, particle size upto 10 microns and 78% to 97% brightness. Talc powder is mostly used in Rubber industry, paper industry (45%), and insecticide and pesticide industries (17%). The rest percentage of quantity is consumed in industries of textile, ceramics, paints, rubber, foundry facing and other. Our offered talc powder is also available at affordable prices.

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