Talc/Soap Stone Lumps

ITC (H.S.) code - 25262000

Chemical Formula - 3MgO.4SiO2.H2O (pure)

Technical Name - Talc/Soapstone Lumps

Soapstone or Steatite or Talc is an alteration product of original or secondary Magnesium minerals. It is hydrous Magnesium Silicate and its chemical composition would correspond to 63.5% Silica (SiO2), 31.7% Magnesia (MgO) and 4.8% water (H2O). In nature, chemically pure Talc is very rare but in general it has some contaminations. Talc has a greasy or soapy feel and pure Talc is characterized by extreme softness. Talc has good luster or sheen, high slip or lubricating power, good hiding power and ability to absorb specific types of oils and grease. It is inert to most chemical reagents although it exhibits a marked alkaline pH of 9-9.5. It has low electrical and chemical conductivity.

Specification MK-White
SiO2 % 62-64
MgO % 32-34
Al2O3 % <0.1
Fe2O3 % <0.2
CaO % <0.2
LOI 5-6
Color Analysis Hunterlab(Color EZ)
Y index
z brightness
Brightness 457

98 - 99
-0.15 to -0.18
1.0 – 1.2
1.5 – 1.7
93 - 94
94 - 95
Arsenic (ppm) 2 max
Heavy Metals (ppm) 2 max
Asbestos (ppm) Nil
Sizes available 0-5 mm
5-50 mm
50-300 mm

IR and XRF results

Talc/Soap Stone Lumps - Supplier, Manufacturer and Exporter

We have gained immense reputation in the market as a reliable organization engaged in offering Talc Lumps. These are minerals composed of hydrated magnesium silicate. These lumps occur as foliated to fibrous masses. . The color of these lumps ranges from white to gray or green and these have a distinctly greasy feel. Talc Lumps are used in paper, cosmetic and petrochemical industry. We offer these lumps at affordable prices to clients


• Stable in high temperature
• Longer shelf life
• Excellent hardness

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